Eden Sleepwalker

Charcoal Mist at Cotton Fields

By Eden Sleepwalker


In her debut book “Charcoal Mist at Cotton Fields” poet and visual artist Eden Sleepwalker takes readers on a quest in the depths of the human soul.

“Charcoal Mist at Cotton Fields” is a song about the happy and sad moments in life, a confession and prayer to the altar of love, a bitter-sweet tale probing deep into the hidden sanctum of the human personality.

Eden Sleepwalker words touch the reader and transport them on the wings of imagination to ether fields where the impossible becomes possible, where pain can give birth to bliss, where love is the only law.

The three chapters of the poetry book paint the different dimensions of love: “We are the elements of our private space”, “Who told you a soul can’t bite” and “Where the pure hearts grow”.

“Charcoal Mist at Cotton Fields” is a mixed media project where Eden Sleepwalker is the artistic sovereign, creating visual and verbal worlds disclosing the states of the lyrical persona that are beautiful, sad, conflicting, painful, spiritual or sublime.

The imagery used is vivid and gripping and in harmony with the overall message of the book and is visually supported by Eden Sleepwalker’s charcoal drawings in a compelling manner.

“Charcoal Mist at Cotton Fields” is a book that would appeal to everyone who has ever felt love, felt pain, felt as if they we born again after a hard period in life. Symbolically the poetry collection ends with the poem “This one goes to the broken”, which I will quote in the present review as its emblematic for the book:

“This one goes to the broken

To their hidden pain

To their genuine silence

while they ache

To their beauty

To their mistakes

I praise their charisma

to be humans

mistaken for angels, martyrs, saints”


To cut a long story short – I loved “Charcoal Mist at Cotton Fields” and would strongly recommend it.  The book is already available on Amazon