Katie Lewington

“The Blank Page”

by Katie Lewington


With her poetry book “The Blank Page” poet Katie Lewington opens endless possibilities.

As Virgil, author Katie Lewington guides the reader on a journey through the maze of self-doubt, censorship, challenges, bad feedback and solitude that are the living hell of a writer’s life. Katie’s free-verse, experimental poetry is a lonely cry out into a huge Universe, which is not always populated by souls ready to respond or able to understand.

The blank page sometimes becomes an excavation site, with the poet searching, asking questions, looking for answers:

“writing is

like flowers –


onto pages

flailing shapes


to be dug out again”.

And with the courage to ask questions and dig deep into the soul, the poet’s voice becomes braver and stronger, her tone composed, though boiling with emotion.

On the journey, besides the Muze, Poetry itself appears in different roles – sometimes it’s a helping hand, sometimes it’s a drug that one becomes addicted to, sometimes it frightens the poet with the possibility that in the long run it might turn out to have been just a casual pastime.

This was a very personal and powerful experience! Thank you for filling the blank page with your poetic tale, written from the heart, Katie!

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