LMM # 12 Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising (Lust, Money & Murder #12)

Book 12

“Phoenix Rising” by master of suspense Mike Wells is probably the best book in the LMM series so far.

At the end of Book 11, “Panacea”, after winning Spyro Leandrou’s trust, special agent Elaine Brogan is sent on a dangerous mission to a war zone, in Eastern Ukraine, to smuggle out illegal materials needed for the Panacea clinic.

“Phoenix Rising,” is full of suspense with several story lines increasing the tension in the book. First Elaine Brogan’s undercover operation to arrest Spyro Leandrou goes awry. Then Nick’s attempt to extract Dmitry from the Santorini Island jail also does not work as planned, and the two of them end up stranded on a small boat in the Aegean Sea, along with Costa, Spyro’s right-hand man. Back on Santorini, Kathy Brogan finds herself in serious situation with her husband, who is becoming more and more suspicious. Meanwhile, Luna is chasing down the elusive criminal Lonnie Hendrix, the only person left who can testify that Spyro killed Elaine’s father.

Book 12 features characters from previous installments: Elaine Brogan, Luna Faye, Nick LaGrange, Dmitry, and Tony as well as Kathy Brogan and the notorious Giorgio Cattoretti. The author skillfully maneuvers from one story line to the other, creating a rich and compelling tale. Till the very end of the book suspense never stops building up and surprising the reader.

“Phoenix Rising” can be read separately but readers would not want to miss the previous installments of “Lust, Money and Murder” as each book is rich in turns, twists and great characterization!

Ever since reading the first “Lust, Money and Murder” book, I have been looking forward to reading the next one and have enjoyed each and every one of them enormously.  I hope Mr. Wells has plans to continue the series as I am definitely reading the next book from “Lust, Money and Murder”!

You can buy the new Mike Wells LMM 12 book, “Phoenix Rising” on Amazon.