LMM # 4 Cattoretti’s Return

Cattoretti’s Return (Lust, Money & Murder #4)


Mike Wells anticipates his readers’ secret wishes!

When I read the first instalment of the series “Lust, Money and Murder 123”, I wished to know more about the characters. Especially about the villain – Mr. Giorgio Cattoretti!

His fall over a cliff into the Mediterranean at the end of Book 3 had left me with a lot of unanswered questions and I was really looking forward to reading the next book of the series!

And back he came – a changed man! A man who has suffered loss and pain, despair and wrath, a man who does not stop struggling to survive. Good and evil clash on the pages of the novel, only to remind us once again that there is no black and/or white reality.

Devoting the entire Book 4 to the development of Giorgio’s character, Mr. Wells dives into the depths of human nature. His mastery at story telling is further disclosed as well as the “unputdownable” quality of his books! The fast-paces narration and unexpected turns and twists have become his trade mark.

Will the villain manage to sustain the unexpected good change that life has brought to him? Will he plunge back into the turmoil of crime, hiding, killing? Will love be able to help him become a better human being?

You will need to read the book, in order to learn the answers to these questions. And although Book 4 has a stand-alone quality, I do recommend that readers start with the first three books of the series.

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