LMM # 8 Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds (Lust, Money & Murder #8)

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Starting “Blood Diamonds”, LMM #8, I thought Mike Wells couldn’t possibly give his audience a better read after previous installments. I was wrong!

Book 7, “Off the Grid”, ends with Nick LaGrange discovering that the “nurse” who helped him escape from the black site in Chad was someone he knew well but thought he would never see again – Isabella.

The 8th installment in the series offers a sequence of really extraordinary twists of fate, where the main character Elaine Brogan joins forces with the criminal Giorgio Cattoretti in order to take down Raj Malik, who is making huge money by smuggling blood diamonds out of a secret mine in Africa. The narration takes us to Central Africa where Elaine will have to find the location of the secret mine and she sees no other alternative to defeat Malik but to undertake this risky mission.

In the modern dynamic world even reading is touched by this “being-in-a-hurry” aspect – most people would prefer a novel packed with action, with unexpected twists and turns, an easy read. And that is exactly what Mr. Wells gives his audience – a fantastic read, with lots of unexpected twists, books that are practically impossible to leave before you learn what happens next. But at the same time, through his character-crafting, the author teaches his audience patience – as in real life, you cannot possibly learn everything about the people around you in one go! His characters evolve with each book and I really loved discovering new sides of their personalities.

Here I would like to say that “Blood Diamonds” is part of a book series (“Lust, Money and Murder”) and all books are related, with characters reappearing and evolving with each new book. That is why you would better start from the first trilogy – you will not regret it. I have totally enjoyed the excellent story-telling in all books from the “Lust, Money & Murder” series so far!

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