Love: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Beautiful


In her new boutique poetry book “Love: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Beautiful” Frankie Writez stages love as a western hero.

The poems are organized into four sections, disclosing the bright and dark side of love, the different stages of a relationship and every line is emotionally charged. Love as a character is depicted sometimes as an invader, sometimes as a seductor, sometimes as a weakness.

The Good is about falling in love and full of poetic imagery, where the lyrical persona smiles through tears. The reader becomes a witness of fragility and strength, of bliss and pain. The Bad is about disappointment and loss, loneliness and suffering. The Ugly is about disillusionment and is full of questions sometimes disclosing the ugly truth, but is also has a promise of a healing and winning back one’s dignity in the end. The Beautiful is about recovery – of self and of the capacity to love again, a new chance for Love, a possibility to write a new story with a different ending.

Thank you for your brave tale and for salvaging love and hope from the arena of days, dear Frankie Writez.

Goodreads review

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